Matrix Partners focuses on both the development of brands and how to keep clients ahead in a constantly evolving industry. The principles of Matrix Partners have always been centered on hard work, quality production and investing in our passions. Our love of pets combined with our marketing expertise has allowed us to build upon techniques that help brands succeed.

  • Tucker, Bella, Bailey & Cody
    Executive Product Testers
  • Don Tomala
    Managing Partner
  • Dennis Abelson
    Partner – Chief Creative Officer
  • Rebecca Tomala
    Vice President & Account Supervisor
  • Kristy Boulos
    Vice President & Account Supervisor
  • Stephanie Krol
    Public Relations Director
  • George Wielgus
    Senior Art Director
  • Alyson Brodsky
    Public Relations Manager
  • Laura Simms
    Public Relations Associate
  • Kelly Zenere
    Social Media Manager
  • Natalie Murawski
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Eric Janofski
    Lead Web Developer
  • Katie Kokaska
    Social Media & PR Associate
  • Hannah Kulas
    PR & Social Media Assistant